There are 532 graduates of the class of 1960

Marcia  Cooper
Marcia Cooper
Garry  Cope
Garry Cope
Judith  Cornwell
Judith Cornwell
Richard  Corser
Richard Corser
Richard Cortright
Richard Cortright
David  Cossey
David Cossey
Beatrice Craft
Beatrice Craft
Clara  Cramer
Clara Cramer
Sharon  Crandall
Sharon Crandall
Susan  Crandall
Susan Crandall
Judith  Crane
Judith Crane
Agnes  Crenshaw
Agnes Crenshaw
Howard  Creque
Howard Creque
Phillip  Criner
Phillip Criner
Linda  Crooks
Linda Crooks
Carolyn  Cunningham
Carolyn Cunningham
Phillip  Cunningham
Phillip Cunningham
Anthony  Czarnecki
Anthony Czarnecki
Cynthia  Daniels
Cynthia Daniels
Kay  Daniels
Kay Daniels