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I would like to see my/my parents/my grandparents yearbook on-line  What do I do? 
If you have access to a yearbook that we don't have online, contact us to coordinate getting it scanned.  The scanning process can take a couple weeks along with processing the individual pictures.  Your yearbook will be returned as soon as it has been scanned but you may not see it online for a few weeks.


Is there a fee to have my yearbook put on-line?

There is no fee to have your yearbook listed however we only cover return shipping costs.

I still live in the Jackson Area.  Can I drop the yearbooks off to you?
Unfortunately no.  I no longer live in the Jackson area.  Yearbooks can be shipped or mailed (USPS media mail is cheapest) and will be returned via USPS as soon as they have been scanned.


I didn't get my picture submitted in time to get it added to our yearbook.  Can you add it for me?
Yes, you can send it to me by email and it will be included on the site.


I didn't graduate from JHS.  Will you scan other yearbooks?
While I originally intended to include all Jackson area high schools, I've put this idea on hold for now.  I still plan to do this but I honestly can't say when it will happen


Email Links

I want to submit my email address.  How do I do it?

Your email address will be linked to the email address you provided when you registered for the site.  Each registration is verified and care is taken to be sure an match the registration with the proper picture.  If you registered with a name that is different than the name under your picture then the link may not be created.  In this case, email me and let me know which picture is yours.


How do I know I won't get spammed?
You don't.  I can tell you that I will not share your email address with anyone.  Email addresses linked to pictures will never have the email addresses revealed.  The only way someone would get your email address is if you reply to a message sent to you that was generated by the Yearbook Network.


I would like to change the email address that you have linked to my picture.  What do I do?

You can do this by choosing the "My Profile" link from the menu after you log in.  You can also change your password and other information while you are there.


I continue to receive unwanted emails generated from the Yearbook Network.  What can I do?

I have included a tag that supplies the Internet Address of the person that actually sent the mail.  If you feel you are being harassed or "spammed", let me know and I will assist you in finding the source of the email (to the best of my ability).  If warranted, I will restrict their use of the site as best I can.



I'm looking for a friend from school.  Can you help me find them?

I do not have any resources beyond what you see on the site.  If you don't see their email linked to their picture, then I probably haven't heard from them either.


I am the chairperson for our Class Reunion.   Can you put this information on-line?

Yes. If you have a website or other social networking site created to support your class, email it to me and I will post it and create a link.


I have my own site for my graduating class. Will you link it?

No problem.  Email me the link.  I'll take a look and link it if there are no problems with it.


I would like to make a donation to help offset your Web Providers fees. How can I do this?

For check or money orders, email me and I'll provide my mailing address.  If you would like to use a debit orcredit card, you can do so using PayPal and send to